1. Plan Your Talk

A conversation about the COVID-19 vaccine with someone important in your life can bring you closer when you prepare.

Conversations should center on the intention of listening to someone’s concerns. You communicate that you care when you plan ahead to acknowledge your understanding of their views and their understanding of yours.

Keep these key points in mind as you prepare for your first conversation:

  • Understand that someone’s concerns or worries are real.
  • Listen with a sincere intention to understand their viewpoint.
  • Be curious and open to learning.
  • Suspend any potential judgment and extend grace.
  • Keep the door open for future conversations.
  • Aim to open their mind, not change their mind.

What you can do for yourself:

  • Look for partners to share your thoughts and experiences as you shape what you want to say during your conversation.
  • Start small. Your conversation may be one of many that help someone think differently about vaccination.
  • Consider different approaches before your conversation until you find one that feels comfortable.
  • During your conversation, try to look for natural openings that make it easier to talk.
  • Take breaks. Conversations about the vaccines may bring up uncomfortable emotions for both you and the other person.

Next Step: Start Talking

Decide who you want to talk to, and learn how to start your conversations. Use the AACN Conversation Guide to find caring and respectful ways to have conversations. The guide includes more questions to ask so you can keep the conversation going.

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