A hospital without nurses can’t save your life.

Our healthcare system is at risk as its workforce has been pushed to the breaking point.

Without enough nurses, our healthcare system ceases to function

Over 6,500 critical care nurses from across the nation responded to a survey by American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, and this is what they had say:


Believe the pandemic has depleted nurses and will cut their careers short.


Have considered leaving nursing after their experience in the pandemic.


Believe patients who choose not to be vaccinated undermine nurses' wellbeing.


Fear taking care of COVID patients puts their family’s health at risk.

Hear it directly from real nurses on the front lines

Nurses want you to know the truth: COVID-19 kills.
The only way out of this is by encouraging people to get vaccinated against it.

Q: What's it like to die from COVID?

"The death of a COVID patient is usually a very lonely one. It’s just very difficult to hold the hand of a stranger when you know yourself you would want to be there."

— Mandy, Nurse, North Carolina

Q: Is Delta more deadly for the young and healthy?

"We lost someone a few years older than me with 4 kids."

— Kevin, Nurse, Florida

Q: What's a day like on the frontlines?

"I don’t like having to tell my patient who’s in one room that his mother just died in the room just next to him...and then he died later."

— Tina, Nurse, Louisiana

What you can do

Nurses need your help because you have a powerful quality in the fight against COVID: Trust. Conversations between family, friends and other people who trust each other can open minds.

Get vaccinated

Protect yourself and others. Get your COVID-19 vaccine. Use the link below to find the nearest available one near you.

Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You

Become a nurse ally

Download your conversation toolkit to help open minds and save lives.

Become a Nurse Ally

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